How We Make Them

This is a quick video of us making the Blue Feather Five Panel Cap by hand.

It's in the Family

My Mom, Karen, is my main source of inspiration.

She runs a successful longarm quilting business called Cosmic Quilting (@cosmicquilting on Instagram). 

Her work ethic is very inspirational and the variety of different fabrics I was exposed to was instrumental in moulding our style. 

My Grandma, Kathleen, is also very inspirational to me.  She works at the quilting studio every day and teaches me new things every time we hang out.


I used to wake up at 5am to get as much sewing done as possible before my 2-10pm cooking shift. Then, I'd get home and sew until midnight.

I did this every single day for a year but now I sew hats full time! It was worth it.

Getting Experimental

We get a real thrill out of making experimental pieces

These include turning old vintage clothes in to Five Panel Caps that are truly one of a kind.